Yosi Horikawa a Genius musician and an enthusiastic producer

After this year’s Sónar Festival in Barcelona, we declared Yosi Horikawa one of the event’s big winners due to his excellent live performance at the SonarDôme, which put his uplifting and enticing music on full display.

We also suggested that great things were on the way from the producer, and now it appears that that prognostication is due to bear fruit sooner rather than later. “Bubbles” is wildly original and imaginative, with the bulk of the song’s textural sounds provided by what seems to be recordings of small objects being dropped (possibly an homage to a classic Aphex Twin song). The songs’ subtle melodies blend with the babbling pitter-patter to create a cool and soothing bit of artful easy listening. “Bubbles” is being released by the First Word imprint on two separate records—a four-song EP from Horikawa called Wandering and a 12-song compilation from the imprint put together by label boss DJ Gilla. The Wandering EP (whose title track we offered up for download last year) is out now, and can be purchased over on Horikawa’s Bandcamp, while the compilation will be released as a free download on July 4.

Download for free Yosi’s new song “Bubles” by clicking HERE

and more from artist’s page @ bandcamp


Honda’s first jet airoplane HA-420

The Honda HA-420 HondaJet is the first general aviation aircraft developed by the Honda Aircraft Company.

HJ 07

In 1986, a young Honda engineer named Michimasa Fujino crystallized that vision when Honda initiated research and development into an advanced, air-bound Honda. After four decades of both passion and hard work, the HondaJet creator has nearly completed his vision as the president and CEO of Honda Aircraft Company.
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Jordy Meow Blog about Photography and Japan


Jordy Meow is a French Photographer, Web developer, Guitarist and Singer and loves to take pictures from abandoned places in Japan. He runs two different blogs both of them very very unusual and intresting. First one is under the name Totoro Times an the second one under the name Haikyo. he names him self as an urban explorer and that’s prety much true. You definatly cab recognise that in his pictures. Enjoy the world of Jordy Meow.