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Jordy Meow is a French Photographer, Web developer, Guitarist and Singer and loves to take pictures from abandoned places in Japan. He runs two different blogs both of them very very unusual and intresting. First one is under the name Totoro Times an the second one under the name Haikyo. he names him self as an urban explorer and that’s prety much true. You definatly cab recognise that in his pictures. Enjoy the world of Jordy Meow.



Rock It Suda – Crazy Korean Architecture Accomodation

Rock It Suda is a series of unconventional guest houses, or pensions as they are so called in Jeongseon, South Korea, that sit peering over the edge of a mountainside. The robotic structures are 6 houses, or rooms, that are each themed. Their totally wild designs solidify Rock It Suda as the most unique accommodation its guests have ever stayed in.

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